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Friday’s Five Favs ~ Luscious Weekend Treats!

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  Banana Split Bites ~ I snagged this off a new Facebook page I’ve been haunting, Delicious Desserts, which is dedicated to desserts! It’s where I’ve found quite a few new favorites. These lovelies are super simple to make and refreshing.    Blueberry Quinoa Parait ~ You can’t beat nutritious and delicious! Plus I’m partial to blueberries 😀     […]

Recipe ~ Purple Dragon Tea

  Purple Dragon Tea This is one of my favorite herbal tea blends that I dubbed Purple Dragon because of its calming nature. Plus, it’s simple to make and requires only three ingredients. 50% Wood Betony 50% Catnip Boiling water to steep. I use a tea ball for single servings or a teapot with a metal basket to hold loose […]

For Ray Bradbury ~ The Case for Dandelions

Plant Lore: Dandelion   Latin name: Taraxacum officinale It’s most unfortunate that many people see this valuable herb as nothing more than an annoying weed, placed upon the earth purely to vex lawn purists. Dandelion, or baby sunflowers, as my youngest son would say – because not only are their flowers yellow but they open with the sun and close […]

Calendar vs. Seasons ~ A Naturalist’s View

  “The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.”  ~Patrick Young Our modern world revolves around schedules, calendars, clocks and computers. These time trackers are so integrated into our everyday lives that it seems reality is slipping away from some folks. It […]

Recipe ~ Alien Pods

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    Ah spring, (so the calendar says) and we’ve wandered across a clutch of three alien pods. After astute scientific analysis we’ve finally broke their genetic code! 3 cantaloupes 2 ripe bananas 1 bag frozen blackberries Green grapes (for seeds) Each pod consists of one cantaloupe-ian shell, cut in half in a jagged way so it seems like the […]

Introducing Our Main Focus Project – The Gothic Cemetery!

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  Gothic Cemetery! Of doom! Because everything goes better with doom  😀 Here are some of the ‘before’ pictures – I have different views that I’ll post later – that capture the majority of where the cemetery will be. It faces our bedroom windows so every morning…Dawn of the Dead anyone? Ahem. Anyways, bad jokes aside, there’ll be graves, headstones […]

Haunted Orchard!

Haunted Beginnings Greetings and welcome to what will become the haunted orchard! Muahahaha! To give a little background this…sand pit you see was once a cool wildling area and upon its edges sat my 5 year old red currant bushes and 5 year old grape vines. That was until nigh on two years ago when some <enter eyeball melting cusses […]

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Rose Water

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Rose Water Nothing smells quite as earthy as rose water, plus it’s great for the skin after a long soak in the tub. It’s super simple to make and requires only basic ingredients. Rose petals soften, sooth and nourish the skin and can be of particular use on sun or wind damaged skin. Ingr: 1 heaping tablespoons rose petals 4 […]

Indian Blood Peach

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Plant Profile: Blood Peach Eons ago, when I was just a wee young dragonling there were peaches that were so sweet and tender they nearly melted in my maw! As the years passed, these luscious gems became hard and insipid. Why? Was my memory of times hazed by the fogs of time or was there really a shift in quality? […]