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Aquatics ~ 20g Desk Tank!

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    Introducing the 20g desk tank! After dealing with the annoyance of a 5g tank on my desk (smaller tanks really ARE harder to keep), I opted for a 20g rectangular tank that sits to the left of my computer. It’s easier to keep and far more interesting to watch!       The above two photos are the […]

Aquatics Review ~ Gulf Coast Ecosystems Rocks!

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      Company: Gulf Coast Ecosystems aka GCE Products: Mostly marine macro algae, also some marine foods and snails. Rating: 5 bats This was my first experience with GCE and certainly won’t be my last! My prime concern with dealing with aquatics is the knowledge and availability of their staff/owners. I wanted to make sure the algae I’d chosen […]

Rasputin the Betta

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Since Lain is on vacation this week, he was sweet and decided to whisk us off to Grand Rapids yesterday for an early Mother’s Day – sans kids  *grin* Soooo…for Mother’s day we went out to a nice lunch and then to Blue Fish Aquarium, where he got me the most awesome Mother’s Day gift – my next project, the […]

55 Hex ~ First Attempt at Aquascaping

If you follow my blathering on Facebook, you’ve probably heard a lot about my bedroom tank – the 55 hex. Now you can see it for yourself  🙂 Be kind – this is my first real attempt at pulling together a permanent tank, my others are temporary and usually in states of flux – when they become permanent, then I’ll […]

Homemade Gothic Christmas Ornaments with Sara’s Soaks!

  Our guest today is Sara from Sara’s Soaks talking about making homemade gothic Christmas ornaments. They’re really cool! Take it away Sara! Sara: We have decked our halls with black and red for a very Gothic Christmas. I will tell you I’m not exactly a planner. My family thinks I am but I’m very much a wing-it sort of […]

Darkling Dolls for the Best in Creepy Cute Christmas Gifts!

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  Visiting the blog today is Michelle, from Darkling Designs. She creates these wonderfully creepy dolls like the handsome chap above. Dolls of all shapes and sizes are a great conversation piece, but that is especially true for Michelle’s creations. I always thought that dolls were scary to begin with, but Michelle takes it to a beautiful new level. So […]

December’s Gothic Christmas!

  It’s that time of year! People are frenzied and stores are churning with people. This year, Lain and I decided to do something a bit different that we’d like to share with you. A Gothic Christmas! Choosing decorating schemes for Christmas is as fun and individual as choosing themes for our house in general. If we’re going to do […]

Grave Preparations

  The soil in the cemetery area, with the exception of the last two graves which were outside of the contractors work area, was just as poor as Eastern border. Even though we planned on making the graves raised – essentially functioning as tapered raised beds – slapping top soil on top of poor soil would have just soured the […]

Friday’s Five Favs ~ Drinks to Sauce Up the Weekend!

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Bad pun 🙂  We’re getting a bit of freedom from the kids and so I’m in party mode! Cheers!     The Martini! ~ The classic sort, made with gin of course! I rinse my olives really well for these because I don’t  like the salty taste. I recently received a tip from a fellow martini lover who said to […]

Eastern Cemetery Border Prep

  This is the eastern border of the cemetery area after several tillings. The soil was predominately clay so to lighten it and provide better drainage, we added peat moss, organic matter (leaves from last fall), a few cart loads of sand and a top layer of compost. After tilling those in until they were quite well mixed, we turned […]