Darkling Dolls for the Best in Creepy Cute Christmas Gifts!

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Visiting the blog today is Michelle, from Darkling Designs. She creates these wonderfully creepy dolls like the handsome chap above.

Dolls of all shapes and sizes are a great conversation piece, but that is especially true for Michelle’s creations. I always thought that dolls were scary to begin with, but Michelle takes it to a beautiful new level.

So Michelle, inquiring minds want to know –

What inspired you to create Darkling Dolls?

Michelle: I’ve always been a fan of dark, macabre and gothic art. When I was a kid, I had dolls, but I always gave them “makeovers”. I guess this is just another, twisted version of that.



Do you make other things besides dolls?

Michelle: Yes, I make a few normal things like hair fascinators, brooches, etc. BUT, my true love is always going to be the darker things like the creepy cool dolls. I also write paranormal romances. You can check that out at www.michelle-clay.com if you want to.

If someone has a doll in mind, do you take custom orders to birth their idea into this world?

Michelle: Yes, definitely! I love a challenge. I’ve done several customs to date. Halloween, of course, was a huge deal. I did a few “dead” babies for a home haunt, zombies and even a wedding couple for a vampire wedding. Christmas is another biggie with all sorts of requests ranging from zombies, ghosts and everything in between.




Do you ever make several of a kind? Or is each Darkling a one-of-a-kind item?

Michelle: Each Darkling is a one-of-a-kind doll. The dolls I use are generally rescued from thrift stores and yard sales or little girls who dress them in all pink and force them to have tea parties. I even have family and friends out looking for babies now…

What is the creepiest doll you’ve ever made?

Michelle: First let me say, I do not like clowns. Never have, never will. That being said, the creepiest to date is Creeper Clown. He’s all bloody and sinister looking with huge, sharp teeth. Yikes!!

Have any of your creations (or those made for others) freaked you out? Why?

Michelle: There are two I get the most comments on. Decklin the zombie has maggots in his brain, eye and in the cut on his chest. People seem to be squeamish about the maggots. LOL

Raven note: yes…I can see why!



I see that the garb for the dolls are labeled as hand sewn – do you design these yourself? (Love Jacqueline the Ripper’s gown btw)

Michelle: Thank you, she’s one of the more elegant dolls and she’s all porcelain. Yes, the clothes are all hand sewn by me. I’ve never been too good at following directions or patterns so I find it’s easier to draw up my own and do it my own way.

What’s the best way for customers to find your dolls and other designs?

Michelle:The best way is to go to www.darklingdesigns.webs.com ~ I sell the Darklings on Etsy and you can see what’s current by going to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DarklingDesignz

Hop on over to Michelle’s site, Darkling Designs, for more photos and information!