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Plant Lore ~ Skullcap

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    Latin name: Scutellaria lateriflora A perennial herb native to North America, this little gem is usually found in the wilds dwelling in rich, moist soil usually near streams, in ditches or marshlands. As a woodland herb, it does well in partially shady areas or sun. I like to show off its vibrant green color by placing it against […]

For Ray Bradbury ~ The Case for Dandelions

Plant Lore: Dandelion   Latin name: Taraxacum officinale It’s most unfortunate that many people see this valuable herb as nothing more than an annoying weed, placed upon the earth purely to vex lawn purists. Dandelion, or baby sunflowers, as my youngest son would say – because not only are their flowers yellow but they open with the sun and close […]

Indian Blood Peach

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Plant Profile: Blood Peach Eons ago, when I was just a wee young dragonling there were peaches that were so sweet and tender they nearly melted in my maw! As the years passed, these luscious gems became hard and insipid. Why? Was my memory of times hazed by the fogs of time or was there really a shift in quality? […]