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Herbal Tea with Jody Kessler

March is here! The volatile time where winter and spring tussle for supremacy. March is also Mika’s month, Shayla’s best friend from the Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge and so, we honor this month with one of Mika’s favorite things – tea! To aid in that, please welcome fellow author Jody Kessler as she discusses herbal teas. Take it away Jody! […]

Viking Fighting Moves with Sword and Shield

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With me today is William R. Short of Hurstwic, LLC. His website, Hurstwic, has been a source of invaluable information while writing several of our fantasy novels, including Bleeding Edge. William was kind enough to offer his time and expertise to be a guest here today discussing Viking fighting moves. Take it away William! William: Sword and shield combat is […]

Homemade Marshmallows by Sara Thompson! Yum!

To celebrate the release of Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge and the spunky heroine Shayla Dormyr, we’re highlighting one of Shayla’s favorite things – marshmallows! Sara Thompson from Sara’s Soaks joins us today with a wonderful homemade marshmallow recipe, complete with alternatives, that you can enjoy in your own kitchen. Homemade Marshmallows Sara Thompson As with most complicated looking recipes, it […]

Creative Thoughts from Vile Femme Owner ~ Kerrie Parker!

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  Please welcome Kerrie Parker, maker of gothic and horror art and jewelry, to the Gothic Living blog today! I recently asked Kerrie what inspired her to create her business, Vile Femme. Take it away Kerrie!     I never know how to start these things….is this thing on? I usually like to break the ice with a couple of […]

Interview with Author T.J. Brown ~ Summerset Abbey Release!

  Visiting the blog today is T.J Brown, author of Summerset Alley. I’ve always admired Teri, she’s a fantastic writer who juggles a full life and many responsibilities besides. Welcome Teri and congratulations on your newest release! Thanks for having me! When you first entered the publishing world, what was the one thing about the industry that you didn’t expect? […]

Homemade Gothic Christmas Ornaments with Sara’s Soaks!

  Our guest today is Sara from Sara’s Soaks talking about making homemade gothic Christmas ornaments. They’re really cool! Take it away Sara! Sara: We have decked our halls with black and red for a very Gothic Christmas. I will tell you I’m not exactly a planner. My family thinks I am but I’m very much a wing-it sort of […]

Author Brick Marlin on Writing

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  Brick Marlin’s thoughts on writing: Writing is something I have to do. No choice in the matter, folks. I bet some of you writers out there will agree. Can I see a show of hands? Yep. That’s what I thought. Many of you probably feel the same way as I do. If you don’t hook up the IV to […]

Hydra Blog Hop ~ Dianne Gardner!

  Please welcome Hydra author Dianne Gardner to the blog today! She does wonderful art as well as writing – I’d love to know how she does her dragons! Dianne Gardner is both an author and illustrator living the Pacific Northwest. She’s an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the National League of American […]

Hydra Blog Hop ~ Beth Ann Masarik!

  Hey Raven and Raven’s friends and followers! Thanks for having me on the blog today.  My name is Beth Ann Masarik, and I’m here to talk to you about my series called The World Among Us.  It’s a YA/Fantasy about forbidden love, gods, demons and all sorts of supernatural creatures.  Well, that’s the 140 character version. LOL.  I am […]

Hydra Games Author Tricia Ballad ~ On Writing

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What Tricia has to say about writing: I’ve done a lot of things, and had half a dozen jobs, businesses, and projects over the years. All that dabbling was my way of hiding. I’ve wanted to write stories for a living since I was four years old, but some part of my psyche was convinced that responsible adults don’t get […]