Creative Thoughts from Vile Femme Owner ~ Kerrie Parker!

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Please welcome Kerrie Parker, maker of gothic and horror art and jewelry, to the Gothic Living blog today!

I recently asked Kerrie what inspired her to create her business, Vile Femme. Take it away Kerrie!



I never know how to start these things….is this thing on?

I usually like to break the ice with a couple of dad jokes and then schmooze my way into your heart with a clever quip or perhaps a witty analogy. But, alas, my forte isn’t writing. I focus my creative outlets on other things. What might that be you ask? Anything weird. Plain and simple. If it makes you laugh, feel uncomfortable, or scares you, I probably want to incorporate it somewhere in my art. I have a jewelry/art business I started in March of 2012 called Vile Femme. I got tired of seeing all of the same boring things all of the time and decided I would take matters into my own hands and I have never looked back.

I specialize in, well, just about anything you can think of, but I use resin as my weapon of choice. What makes resin a good medium is that you can do almost anything with it. I take stuff anywhere from your childhood all the way into your nightmares. I have developed techniques that I haven’t seen used before and really pride myself on trying to stay fresh and hip (are these still relevant words?). Most of my work comes right from head but I also love doing custom orders and enjoy a good challenge. I focus mainly on things I love such as zombies, horror films, cult classics, anatomy, steam punk and a little bit of vulgarity (Disclaimer-you have been warned!).


I currently sell in a shop in Akron Ohio called Devilstrip Dolly’s. It’s a wonderful emporium of the weird and they house some of the best work from the areas finest (and weirdest) artists. Anything from jewelry to sculptures and greeting cards to clothing. I have a Facebook page where I post new things frequently and I just opened an online store on Storenvy. I have hopes of making 2013 a stellar year and look forward to creating lots of new things to show all of my amazing supporters.

Stay tuned for more announcements and lots of Vile things coming your way. I have so much to say and I can’t wait to use my art to scream it as loud as you can take.

Weirdly yours,
Kerrie Parker of Vile Femme