Author Brick Marlin on Writing

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Brick Marlin’s thoughts on writing:

Writing is something I have to do. No choice in the matter, folks. I bet some of you writers out there will agree. Can I see a show of hands? Yep. That’s what I thought. Many of you probably feel the same way as I do. If you don’t hook up the IV to feed that muse of yours, somebody’s gonna get hurt. Right?  Usually Creativity straps on a belt with twelve separate pockets, each one stuffed with a pickle coated with synthetic flesh, force-feeding me vocabulary when I refuse to write. Happens to you, too, right?



Well, perhaps in my bizarre world where pumpkin people addicted to eating candles grow human heads in their garden so they can sit them on their porch for Halloween.

At any rate, writing can either be fun, or a grueling scrape of the spine caused by literary gremlins that love to build writers blocks. And this all depends on how your characters behave. Trust me, I know. I not only have the sweet, innocent characters who love to tell me word-for-word their story I am writing, I have the ones who crawl up on my shoulders and blow wet raspberries in my ears after a snack of Pop Rocks, forbidding to tell me a thing.

Perhaps they’re related to the gremlins.

That, said, I think I hear them calling my name…