Recipe ~ Alien Pods

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Ah spring, (so the calendar says) and we’ve wandered across a clutch of three alien pods. After astute scientific analysis we’ve finally broke their genetic code!

3 cantaloupes

2 ripe bananas

1 bag frozen blackberries

Green grapes (for seeds)

Each pod consists of one cantaloupe-ian shell, cut in half in a jagged way so it seems like the outer shell was hard to open, like a coconut or pod.

To make the innards take three ripe or frozen bananas and one package frozen blackberries and stuff into a blender. Puree and pour into the cantaloupe halves.

Slice three grapes in half per pod and place sliced side up into the innards.

This can be made ahead and chilled. Serves six.


During our experiments, we discovered several delicious mutations!

Some had higher protein content within their innards:

1 banana

1 pkg. soft tofu

½ bag frozen berries

Handful of mulberries

Another had higher anti-oxidant content:

2 bananas

1 pkg. frozen blueberries

Sliced strawberries

However, you enjoy your pods, do be careful and watch them closely! They’re an alien delicacy and once prepared have a way of…disappearing. <Twilight Zone Music Here>