Introducing Our Main Focus Project – The Gothic Cemetery!

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Gothic Cemetery!

Of doom! Because everything goes better with doom  😀

Here are some of the ‘before’ pictures – I have different views that I’ll post later – that capture the majority of where the cemetery will be. It faces our bedroom windows so every morning…Dawn of the Dead anyone?

Ahem. Anyways, bad jokes aside, there’ll be graves, headstones and a cozy patio nook to sip coffee or wine. The idea is ancient – a wild look, untamed! But most of all, my goal is for it to be useful. So, I’ve chosen a variety of herbs and berries that are either medicinal or edible in nature, not to mention most of them look pretty darn cool.

The plants have been chosen, ordered and the plan set! Join us on this Gothic adventure and please do feel free to toss in ideas, thoughts and suggestions!