Haunted Orchard!

Haunted Beginnings

Greetings and welcome to what will become the haunted orchard! Muahahaha!

To give a little background this…sand pit you see was once a cool wildling area and upon its edges sat my 5 year old red currant bushes and 5 year old grape vines. That was until nigh on two years ago when some <enter eyeball melting cusses here> contractor decided to destroy it all. Long story short, we contacted him and several other excavators for an estimate to make a shooting range. Shortly after telling the excavators we’d make a decision and call them when we were ready – we went on vacation.

When we returned, we found that one of them came to our property while we were gone and scraped everything – yes everything, top soil, bushes, assorted plants – off the entire north portion of our property. Not only that, he also failed to create the proper range because, uhm, we hadn’t been there to instruct because we hadn’t hired him. GRRRR.

To add insult to injury, he destroyed my grape vines and currant bushes and buried a mangled mash of wire fence. <breathes, utters calming mantra>

After two years of looking at this mess, Lain and I decided to fix it and create – dun dun dun – a haunted orchard!

Join us as we plan, plot and create! We’d love to hear your ideas and what you think would be cool!