Health ~ Jillian Michaels’ ‘Hard Body’ DVD Review

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      Title: Hard Body Genre: Workout DVD, Health, Exercise Bats: 5 I buy Jillian Michaels‘ DVDs for two primary reasons – 1. They are effective. 2. I love her no-nonsense, push-you-to-make-you-the-best-you attitude. Hard Body is no exception. It’s a brutal workout and though she does have a Beginners version for most of the moves, I’d still recommend that […]

Yay! We Have Maggots in the Tank!

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Well, I’ve taken a new plunge! Over the course of the time I’ve been in aquatics, there’s a growing concern from many in the industry about the fragile sustainability of wild-harvesting tropical and saltwater fish. With so many areas facing the threat of depleting wild populations as well as some areas closing the doors to wild harvesting due to the […]

Movie Review ~ Dawn Rider (Western)

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      Title: Dawn Rider Director: Terry Miles Genre: Western, action Rating: 5 bats This is a really nifty film in the tone of the traditional westerns. Basic premise is – the father of a notorious gunslinger is shot by bandits and the gunslinger (Slater’s character) seeks justice. There’s a love triangle in here that adds to the plot […]

Movie Review ~ Sanctum (Thriller)

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      Title: Sanctum Director: Alister Grierson Genre: Suspense, thriller, adventure Rating: 5 bats This movie is simply a must watch. It’s about a group of explorers delving into a previously uncharted cave system – complete with rivers and subterranean lakes. When a tropical storm rolls in, it floods the upper tunnels and they’re forced to find another way […]

Spicy Grave

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  Dun dun dun! Our first grave, one year later.  It’s complete and growing in nicely. Just need Lain to engrave it – muahahhaha! Whatever shall we put upon it? Most of the plants, except for the chives and decorative carpet plant (with the pink flowers), are from Richter’s Herbs out of Canada. They have wonderful plants – even rare […]