Viking Fighting Moves with Sword and Shield

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With me today is William R. Short of Hurstwic, LLC. His website, Hurstwic, has been a source of invaluable information while writing several of our fantasy novels, including Bleeding Edge. William was kind enough to offer his time and expertise to be a guest here today discussing Viking fighting moves. Take it away William! William: Sword and shield combat is […]

What’s Love Got to Do With It? Win a $250 eGiftcard!

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Welcome to my cyber abode. I’m glad you could participate in the What’s Love Got to Do With It? Valentine’s day blog hop!   What’s love got to do with it? Everything! What is life without love? Love is so much more than a word whispered in the dark or embossed on a card. It’s deep and has many meanings, […]

New Epic Fantasy Release ~ Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge!

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  It lives!!! Lain and I have been working on this fantasy world since we first met and it’s gone through some various and interesting changes and twists. Though it wasn’t until last year that we buckled down and changed the world from an RP design to a world ripe for writing novels, so this novel release is particularly exciting […]

Year of the Snake Blog Hop!

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Welcome and thanks for hopping by my blog for the Year of the Snake blog hop! The following excerpt of a character acting like a snake is from our novel, Primal – book 1 of the Vengeance urban fantasy series.       Tanner grinned as they pulled out of the Federal Forest. Kira was going to love this. They […]

Homemade Marshmallows by Sara Thompson! Yum!

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To celebrate the release of Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge and the spunky heroine Shayla Dormyr, we’re highlighting one of Shayla’s favorite things – marshmallows! Sara Thompson from Sara’s Soaks joins us today with a wonderful homemade marshmallow recipe, complete with alternatives, that you can enjoy in your own kitchen. Homemade Marshmallows Sara Thompson As with most complicated looking recipes, it […]