My Little Sea Monster!

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And now for the answer to what aquatic critter necessitated the breeding of black worms, red wigglers and, eventually, night crawlers. Dun dun dun… *drum roll* My little sea monster!     Isn’t he adorable? His noble name is – Agrathax the Axolotl Hailing from the chilly, spring fed waters of Mexico, these cute wee nuggets are cold water critters […]

Worms 6

Holy Squirming Hordes, Batman!

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  In a previous post I mentioned having to re-do some aquascaping to accommodate a new aquatic critter. These are not that critter, but these are necessary to feed the critter. They are…black worms! Technically, they’re not black – they’re more of a reddish brown as you can see in the pic. They’re a good treat or food source for […]


Revamped Display Tank!

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  This is what happens when Lain and I have a bit of vaca time – fiddling with tanks LOL Since there’s a new aquatic on his way to our home (you’ll see when I get him, he’s super rad!) I had to switch my 20g display tank into a home for him. Since this particular beastie doesn’t like bright […]


Movie Review ~ Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (Horror)

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  Title: Lake Placid: The Final Chapter Director: Don Michael Paul Genre: Horror, creature feature Rating: 4 bats Okay, I admit it – I’m a fan of the Lake Placid franchise so my review is probably bias. This movie is like the others in the series – simple, fun crocodile doom! It takes place after the last one and the […]

Against the Druries

Book Review ~ Against the Druries ~ Steampunk / Sci-fi / Fantasy

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  Title: Against the Druries (League of Elder) Author: Ren Garcia Genre: Sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk Another fabulous adventure from Ren Garcia! Ren’s characters are visceral, vivid, three dimensional beings who spring to life on the page. They’re all flawed, interesting and exciting. He gives the reader enough to know the characters and yet, not know them so completely that they […]