Gifts for Writers

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Muses are notoriously difficult to capture – wily creatures. And they bite. Hard. Particularly when you attempt to wrap them in bows. So, it’s safer to leave the muse wrangling to the author in your life and choose gifts that don’t draw blood, or stalk you for that matter.


What writer doesn’t love books, right? Even better, books that will help them hone their craft in 2016! So see, you can show them how supportive you are, you sweet thing. 😉

I love buying books for all of my friends. That being said, it is no secret that books can be expensive! With this in mind, before buying any books from department stores like Macy’s I always try to see if there are any coupons or promo codes first.

I actually buy a lot of books online from the Macy’s website as they always seem to have a sale on and saving money is incredibly important! Accordingly, if you are considering purchasing any books from Macy’s, you can take a look here first to see if there are any active promo codes or coupons so that you can secure a discount.

Anyway, here’s a list of ten writing books that I love and can vouch for because I’ve read them and they’re on my shelf and will stay there forever and ever and…never mind. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with any of these –



Hooked by Les Edgerton (also Finding Your Voice)



Writing with Quiet Hands by Paula Munier (also Plot Perfect)




Voice by James Scott Bell (also Conflict & Suspense)




Spunk & Bite by Arthur Plotnik




Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass (Also The Fire in Fiction)




The Art of Character by David Corbett




Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch by Constance Hale (also, Sin & Syntax)




Stein on Writing by Sol Stein




Characters, Emotions & Viewpoint by Nancy Kress



Writing with Emotion, Tension & Conflict by Cheryl St. John


You guys didn’t really expect me to stick to 10, did you?