Movie Review ~ Underworld & Underworld Evolution

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Title: Underworld and Underworld, Evolution

Director: Len Wiseman

Genre: Urban Fantasy, horror

Rating: 5 bats

Both of these are so closely related that it was rather moot to do two different reviews. Despite having a few plot holes, they are great fun to watch and I found myself easily sucked into Selene’s world.

I enjoy the character of Selene as whole, though I’m not particularly fond of Michael. He seems too…hm. Flat. Yes. He lacks the spark that I think all heroes ought to have. Please note, I said spark – not sparkles!!! 😛

For guy characters, I liked Raze and Lucian. Which, makes the second movie somewhat disappointing for me, but ah well, perhaps the series will kick out a new spiffy male I can root for!

The movies are fast paced, have wonderfully done weres and vamps, and interesting characters. The settings, again, are intriguing and dark. What more could a girl ask for?