Movie Review ~ The Raven

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Title: The Raven

Director: James McTeigue

Genre: Period Horror / Suspense

Rating: 5 bats

Wonderful movie! If you’re a fan of horror, period movies or Poe this is for you.

The casting was stellar – John Cusack as Poe, wow. He did amazing! Poe’s dialog reflected a writer’s soul. I loved the comment he makes when he walks onto one murder scene and looks at the Pit & the Pendulum machine and comments on how he didn’t imagine the counter weight to be so large.

The killer’s personality was depicted with flair and his personality type matched what a real-life killer’s would be. He had reasonable (for that mind-set) motivations and wasn’t over the top.

Plot, directing, shots and scenery were artistically done.

I’ll be seeing it again!