Movie Review ~ Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (Horror)

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Title: Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

Director: Don Michael Paul

Genre: Horror, creature feature

Rating: 4 bats

Okay, I admit it – I’m a fan of the Lake Placid franchise so my review is probably bias.

This movie is like the others in the series – simple, fun crocodile doom! It takes place after the last one and the govt. is trying to ‘save the crocs’ well, because they’re the only ones of their kind and all… ahem. Never mind how many people they chomped or the chaos they created…

Nope. All that can be avoided by – building a fence! LOL You can probably guess how that turned out.

Yep, crocs chomping their way through silly people soon ensues.

It gets campy and off the scale unrealistic at times but that’s part of its charm.