Movie Review ~ Grave Encounters

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Title: Grave Encounters

Director: The Vicious Brothers

Genre: Horror/Supernatural

Rating: 5 bats

For a budget of $50k The Vicious Brothers pulled off one banger of a supernatural film!

The characters were well drawn and interesting, they argued but it was about valid issues they were facing, not the often childish arguments that are unfortunately so common in some horror movies.

The creep of this movie comes largely from atmosphere and the reactions of the characters to their situation! A refreshing change from the overdoses of FX of late.

The lighting, camera work and setting added a lot to the suspense and fear, very little use of blood and what CGI there was – was well done.

As a fan of the supernatural, I was very pleased with how they handled this particular haunting and illuminated – without talking heads bleh – how spirits don’t operate on our time frames or within our limited expectations.

The ending was particularly enjoyable, as they brought the pieces of the haunting together through deeds and creating a great setting. The end is, thankfully, not explained to death but rather left for us to connect.

Bravo to The Vicious Brothers!