Movie Review ~ Frankenfish (Horror)

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Title: Frankenfish

Director: Mark A.Z. Dippé

Genre: Horror, creature feature

Rating: 4 bats

This quirky killer fish movie deserved a better title – something more exciting to fit with the tone the movie set. The blurb is also a bit off, as they portray someone (not going to say which, you’d have to watch it) as a main character – hinting they have a large role in the film – when they do little to nothing to add to the story. Indeed, they end up being killed in a realistic, if ridiculously convenient, way later in the film.

I’m not sure if the Netflix staff creates the blurbs for the movies on their site or if they simply plug in what’s on the back cover. Either way, whoever does it is in serious need of writers who can put a better spin on their blurbs.

Those pet peeves aside, Frankenfish is good for a creature feature/horror film.

Frankenfish is about a group of mutant fish that are accidentally set loose in a swamp. They proceed to devour crocodiles and the swamp people with equal relish.

The characters are unusually well drawn and interesting. Only one of them was on the two-dimensional side – the biologist who came off as dull and didn’t do much for the film except add commentary and side notes that other, more interesting characters could have provided. The other characters and actors were quirky, filled with personality and amusing to watch.

The director and scriptwriter knew exactly who to kill off and who to save for ultimate viewer satisfaction. It’s incredibly fun to watch an arse of a character get chomped!

The scenes with fishy demise ranged from ‘wow that was neat’ to ‘ehhhhh…yeah’ to ‘sushi anyone?’ hehe.

Whoever was working the camera did great. I liked their style and the angles they used for each scene.

All in all, this is a fun doom lurks in the swamps sort of film that’s well worth a watch.