Movie Review ~ Eye of the Beast (Horror)

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Eye of the Beast



Title: Eye of the Beast

Director: Gary Yates

Genre: Horror, creature feature

Rating: 3 bats

This is an interesting movie of tentacle doom.

It takes place in a small fishing town with an angry populace due to the disappearing fish. Pressure mounts on the last remaining law enforcement officer after several people also disappear along the shoreline. Tension mounts until the final showdown on the lake in a man vs. beast scene.

The director does a fantastic job creating a realistic small-town atmosphere and uses the tools of personal hatreds, racial prejudices and beliefs to crank up the heat.

The twining of real life issues and concerns with the plot was well done, the characters acted in – mostly – realistic ways.

The squid scenes were fun, particularly the first – you’ll see what I mean!

My main wish was that there was a bit more wrap up at the end, but that’s a small thing.