Movie Review ~ Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Title: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Director: Timur Bekmambetov
Genre: Horror / Creature Feature / action adventure
Rating: 5 bats

When I saw that Tim Burton was involved in this movie it became a must see. *loves Burton’s style* Yet, he didn’t direct it so I wasn’t quite sure how well Timur would pull off mixing vampires, horror and period film.

Turns out, this movie exceeded my original expectations.

The characters were well drawn, exciting and REAL! Not the card-board cut-out blehness that comes with some modern horror. They had real issues outside of the vampire threat and existed outside of the storyline.

There was blood, but it wasn’t over-the-top gory, which is a definite plus. Gore for gore’s sake a bad movie makes.  🙂

The FX were fitting, used when needed but not a constant barrage of ‘look at our spiffiness and FX genius’. Bravo for keeping it in context Timur!

The storyline was engaging, a cool mix of suspense, horror and mysterious twists. I really love how they tied in the deaths of the two main vamps with emotional events in the story.

The very end of it leaves me wondering – will we see a modern version of this story by this team? If so, that’d rock!

This is another movie that I’ll be watching again…and again…and likely…yet again!