Hydra Games Open Call! Attention GMs, Writers and Artists!

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Open Call at Hydra Games!

We are accepting proposals for the following worlds:



Andronia: a high fantasy hybrid world rife with magic, chaos and adventure



Primal Earth: a gritty urban fantasy world filled with darkness, danger and sensuality

We highly recommend that anyone who is interested in writing for Hydra Games, or any publisher for that matter, read James L. Sutter’s article 9 Ways to Piss Off an Editor HERE.

Potential Novel, RPG Supplement and Module Writers

Please send a cover letter with contact information and publishing credits, plus 10-20 page fiction writing sample in standard manuscript format (double spaced, 12 pt times new roman font, header with your name, title and page number) to raven [AT] hydrapublications [DOT] com

Writers must be able to work under deadline, sign our NDA and follow instructions.

Current Needs: Though we’re taking submissions for both worlds, there are more openings for the Primal Earth world than Andronia.


We’re interested in artists to join our team in creating vivid worlds. Please send a cover letter with contact information and a link to your gallery to: raven [AT] hydrapublications [DOT] com


If you’re interested in applying for an editorial position, please send a cover letter with contact information and qualifications to: raven [AT] hydrapublications [DOT] com

Rules Gurus

We are also looking for GMs and Players who are familiar with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system and rule set for Quality Control positions. The tasks of this job include but are not limited to: creating stats for creatures, NPCs, items etc., translating our writers’ creations into stats, ensuring compliance to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules and/or Hydra Games specific rules on modules and world guides, creating new rules that are Pathfinder Roleplaying game compatible and/or Hydra Games sub-rules compatible.

If interested in this position please send a cover letter with your experience with the Pathfinder system along with what world(s) you prefer to raven [AT] hydrapublications [DOT] com


We have GM Prestige Packs for intrepid GMs willing to run Pathfinder games with our compatible content at conventions across the US and the world. To join us in this adventure please contact Frank – frank [AT] hydrapublications [DOT] com for details on the perks and opportunities available.