Hydra Games Author Tricia Ballad’s Favorite Things

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Yuuumm have to like a lady who loves coffee! Here’s Tricia Ballad on her favorite things!
The amazing, rich roasty smell when you open a jar of home-roasted coffee. It’s a little luxury to start the day. I love traveling – not the “16 hours in a car to sleep on Aunt Vera’s couch” travel, but the moment where you settle back in your seat on the plane, look out the window at the runway, and know that you have three or four hours with (literally!) nothing better to do than read a book. I’m a sucker for a great resort too! For me, it all comes back to the experience of stepping out of normal life, even for a moment. Real life is tough. I need to escape it every now and then! I think that’s why I write romance and fantasy.