Hydra Games Author Shawna Romkey on Writing!

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Getting in the way of Shawna's writing is probably not a wise idea...

With us today is Hydra Games author Shawna Romkey giving us some insight into her writing world 🙂


When I write I have to be alone so I don’t get disturbed. Having three dogs, a husband, and two boys makes this challenging, especially since they’re all quite needy and can’t seem to live without me for 5 minutes. I need quiet or mood music related to what I’m writing to be able to work. Other than that I can write at a desk, on the couch, in bed or wherever, as long as no one is around to interrupt me.

I’m inspired visually, so I have to have a picture or some fantasy art of something to write, and if I don’t I always feel something is missing. Then I’ll get a picture and everything will flow. I have an extensive Muses board on Pinterest for these stuck moments.