Eden’s Favorite Things

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Our Hydra Team Author Eden’s Favorite things:

The Fall: This brilliant movie has just about everything you need to know about writing: great character creation, fantastic play on tropes and a good twist. An epic tale from a stuntman in a hospital sweeps a young girl into a world of danger, bravery and betrayal. Soon, the tale collapses, as the bedridden stuntman’s depression starts chewing away at the foundations of all fairy tales. The Fall is an aesthetic experience second to none, The Fall is a must see for any writers out there. Trailer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO0LYcCoeJY

The Book of the New Sun: What’s this you ask? The best Sci-Fi book ever written. Yes, you heard me. No apologies, no second guesses. The sheer scope of Gene Wolfe’s masterpiece is staggering. The writing – masterful. The characters? They’ll haunt your dreams and nightmares. In a Far Earth, humanity has collapsed from its state as a solar empire. All that remains are forgotten memories of technology and dominance. But amongst the oppressed a voice stirs and a prophecy is soon to be fulfilled. Will it be doom or salvation? Get this book. Read this book. It will change how you write and understand sci-fi forever. http://www.wolfewiki.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=WolfeWiki.TheBookOfTheNewSun

Twilight Imperium: This is the motherload of all board games. Twilight Imperium pits players for the dominion of the galaxy. It features intricate resource management, cut-throat politics, intense space combat and over 15 unique races, each with its own abilities and strategies. This is truly the crowning glory of board games and a challenge to every experienced player out there. I game with a veteran group of 3 other grizzled players and let me tell you: the tensions run high as we battle each time for control of a fading empire! http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=21