Book Review – Unlimited by Jillian Michaels

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Title: Unlimited

Author: Jillian Michaels

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Series: No

Rating: 5 bats

Heat Level: n/a

Wow. This should be mandatory reading material! I read this book last year and am refreshing myself with it this year. It is amazingly inspiring without the pander or excuses a lot of self-help gurus tend to spiel. I love her frank ‘this is how it is’ type of style.

She’ll lift you up and make you face your inner demons – you know, like those nasty buggers called doubt, procrastination and perhaps worse – the whine demon!

She places you fully where you ought to be – in charge of your own life – and gives you the knowledge, tools and steps to achieve anything you want. Sometimes this process hurts as we’ve got to take such a close look at ourselves and our flaws, but it’s well worth every bit of pain.

If you find you’re in a rut, slump or otherwise unmotivated she’ll help you drag yourself out of it. If your hunting dream, she gives you the wisdom to bag it.

Check it out!