Imp Print

aka Covering the Infernal A…errr…rear. It’s assumed if you’re reading and/or acting upon opinions given on this site that you’ve read and agree to the Imp Print.

This blog has been heavily warded against the thinly veiled censorship known as Political Correctness, aka PC. Those who cannot handle the opinions of others – particularly differing ones – should tune out now.

The opinions and views voiced by my guests or myself are exactly that – opinions. Everyone has a different way of seeing and doing things and that variety is celebrated here.

If you choose to implement any of the knowledge, recipes or advice given here by either my guests or myself, you do so at your own risk. Every individual is, thankfully, different and every situation unique so it is the responsibility of individuals to do additional research and discern what is healthy and right for them and their situation.

Affiliate Links Disclosure

Occasionally we post graphics and/or links to books and products that we like and would recommend to others.  Some of these links may be affiliate links and if you purchase a product after clicking through, we may receive a bonus or commission.  We aren’t trying to get rich from these links and we’ll never recommend a book or product that we don’t like and use ourselves, but if you’d rather not help feed our hellhounds, be sure to clear your cache before navigating to the product site yourself.