Ashes to Ashes

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Book 1

It’s the beginning of the end. At least, that’s what Harley’s partner, Cerise, thinks. But Harley doesn’t believe her. Not until it’s too late.

When Cerise is killed trying to prove that someone in their elite Order of Slayers is setting vicious, nightmare creatures loose to prey on the innocent, Harley goes undercover with the help of an autonomous group of paranormal investigators, The Cerberus Foundation. Though Harley finds her new teammate, Brahms, both distracting and more than a bit irritating.

But all is not what it seems in Cerberus either. Particularly with Brahms. Can she trust a man with the same powers as those that killed her parents? Will she be able to stop a group of rogue slayers from thrusting the world into another dark age where people will once again fear what lurks in the dark?