Movie Review ~ Red Water

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Title: Red Water

Director: Charles Robert Carner

Genre: Horror/Creature Feature

Rating: 4.5 bats

If you like shark movies – this one delivers. The characters were particularly well drawn for this genre and their story arcs and past were solid and believable. The actors did a fine job bringing their characters to life, especially with portraying the nuances and expressions that tell so much of the story without using words.

The world was believable with enough support cast to make it tangible but not so many that it overwhelmed the leads or muddled the storyline. I particularly liked the addition of human danger to the shark danger and the intrigue produced by the bad guys.

Good dialog throughout and a nice storyline. Relatable and sympathetic characters were able to draw me in and keep me on the edge when they were in danger – so kudos to the screenwriters.

The only reasons it didn’t earn a five bat with me were:

Though the addition of different dialects added a touch of realism, it was so thick during some parts that it was difficult to make out what the characters (primarily Rick) were saying.

There was a little too much regional/cultural slang that some parts of the dialog were off putting.

Yup and that’s about it.

I feel inclined to put a list of my top three actors from this film because of their ability to portray their characters in this film.

Langley Kirkwood – as Brett van Ryan

Lou Diamond Philips – as John Sanders

Kristy Swanson – as Dr. Kelli Raymond


J.D Feigelson

Chris Mack