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Apparitions Series

The Apparitions supernatural horror trilogy centers around heroine Bailey Khane. Reclusive author Bailey Khane is at the top of her game writing murder mysteries. What no one suspects is that her stories are tragically real and the horrible events within them are not as fictitious as readers would like to believe. More →

Other Works

Raven & Lain's other writings including - novellas & misc. More →

Perilous Seas Novella Series

Coming Soon! We're excited to announce that Under the Moon has contracted Nymph's Lair as a novella series! Join Roch and his dwarven companion Tigs on their swashbuckling adventures at sea! More →


Raven & Lain's available and sold scripts. More →

The Weeping Dark Series

Join spunky Captain Shayla Dormyr and her companions in a high fantasy adventure filled with magic, villains and diabolical creatures! More →

Vengeance Series

A dark, gritty, and saucy urban fantasy / paranormal series. READER WARNING: This series is hot and meant for readers aged 18 and over. More →