Plant Lore ~ Skullcap

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    Latin name: Scutellaria lateriflora A perennial herb native to North America, this little gem is usually found in the wilds dwelling in rich, moist soil usually near streams, in ditches or marshlands. As a woodland herb, it does well in partially shady areas or sun. I like to show off its vibrant green color by placing it against […]

Apparitions Movie! Reader Opinions Needed!

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  Yay! We have exciting news! After a meeting with Director Michael Bryant, we learned that the Apparitions movie project is not only still a ‘Go’ but slogging forward! Like all good things, it just takes time. Can’t go into too many details until announcements are officially ready, but it’s all exciting news. That said, because of the recent influx […]

Movie Review ~ Death’s Door (Horror)

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    Title: Death’s Door Director: George Scileppi Genre: Horror, supernatural Rating: 3 bats Okay, I’ll admit, I rented this largely for the cover art but really wasn’t expecting much of the film itself. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. The story revolves around the cast and crew of ‘The Séance Hour’, where they film what many of them, including […]

Movie Review ~ Eye of the Beast (Horror)

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    Title: Eye of the Beast Director: Gary Yates Genre: Horror, creature feature Rating: 3 bats This is an interesting movie of tentacle doom. It takes place in a small fishing town with an angry populace due to the disappearing fish. Pressure mounts on the last remaining law enforcement officer after several people also disappear along the shoreline. Tension […]

Brew Review ~ The Poet (Stout)

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    Normally I don’t hold with beer of any sort (ack!) with the known exceptions of Guinness and Sin Eater. But seriously, look at the awesome packaging! It called to me…I HAD to! Heck, even if I didn’t like the beer itself, it would have been worth it just for the packaging. In fact, my middle son – who […]