Raven Bower

Raven Bower

Raven and Lain Bower are a wife and husband team of writers. They are avid role-players and love to design mythical and diabolical creatures, characters and fantastic worlds together. They live in Northern Michigan with their four kids, hellhounds, alien doom cats and the ever growing tentacle army.

In their *cough* spare time *cough* they enjoy gardening, home improvement projects, archery and target shooting.

Raven is an aquarist – obsessed with creating mini-ecosystems encased in glass (read natural aquascapes in fish tanks) and raises assorted freshwater fish, shrimp and plants.

Lain is an accomplished technician who upgrades and repairs audio equipment, mostly Carver amplifiers, and various electronic devices.

Their credits include:


The Weeping Dark epic fantasy series, which includes Bleeding Edge and Sorrow’s Gate (tba)

The adventure fantasy novella, Nymph’s Lair.

The Vengeance urban fantasy series which includes Primal – soon to be re-released with Under the Moon! and Smoke (2015)

Raven is the author of the supernatural horror / suspense series, Apparitions, which includes ApparitionsWendigo and Rags Beneath


The film rights for the Apparitions series have been purchased by Joseph Leroy Studios, LLC. Directed by Michael Bryant. Screenplay by Raven & Lain Bower.