Raven Bower

Raven Bower

Creator and destroyer of worlds, tormentor of characters, Raven Bower rules over several fictional worlds of fantasy, paranormal suspense, and horror. Her physical being resides in the wilds of Michigan with her cohort, minions, bat dog, and abyssal wolf.

When she’s not instigating chaos in her fictional universes, she’s playing with water and electricity – building miniature realms for her aquatic minions. Wielder of the soldering iron of doom, she can also be found gutting amplifiers and various electronic devices. She also enjoys reading, gardening, gaming, and roleplaying.

She’s represented by Faye Atchison of the Margret McBride Literary Agency


The Kranken Gears adventure fantasy series! Trouble in Tynkin (prequel novella), Kranken Gears: Treacherous Seas (bk 1), Kranken Gears: Eyes of the Sun (bk 2)

The adventure fantasy novella, Nymph’s Lair.

The Vengeance urban fantasy series which includes Primal

Raven is the author of the supernatural horror/suspense series, Apparitions: ApparitionsWendigo, and Rags Beneath


The film rights for the Apparitions series have been purchased by Joseph Leroy Studios, LLC. Directed by Michael Bryant. Screenplay by Raven & Lain Bower.